Heritage III: Ambition 2019
Multimedia series that embodies emotions of ambition and what this means to asian americans
multimedia - video - posters - advertisement
Heritage II: Rebirth 2018
Multimedia series on the theme of life & death in asian american culture
multimedia - video - posters - advertisement
Wanderer's Interlude 2020
Poster series celebrating life and echoing its beauty and melancholy.
posters - graphics
Heritage I: Homecoming 2016
Multimedia series highlighting the melting pot of culture in neo-asian american culture 
multimedia - video - posters - photography
Palettica 2020
User interface design for a potential desktop music streaming platform
UI/UX - branding
Focal Points / Points Focaux Exhibition Posters  2019
Promotional posters for the Concordia University Design and Computation Arts year-end show