Heritage III: Ambition

​​Heritage III is a video project inspired by the movement of rising influence of Asian representation as well as my personal upbringing as an Asian American. Growing up I was told to not be afraid of failing and that it is through these trials and errors that we get to personal success. Don’t be afraid to explore but constantly aim higher in doing so. The video project aims at capturing that drive to be ambitious and adventurous. Heritage III speaks on what success and ambition mean to the Asian American community and how all these themes fit in our culture. Through storytelling, symbols and relics the video embodies the mindset and ethos that was taught to me and many other Asian Americans growing up.
​​These are the teaser images that were posted on Instagram in the weeks leading up to the release of Heritage III: Ambition.
​​This poster was made to accompany the video and it is featured side by side with the video in exhibition spaces.
​​Video teasers were made to give a sneak peek of the project. These were posted on Instagram with the image teasers.