This project is a user interface design for a potential desktop music streaming platform. Palettica is a streaming app that allows users to bring their music to life with color effects.

Beyond listening to music, I wanted to create an app that showcases the visual side of music. What can music look like and what color is music? This project is a take on answering these questions with subtle effects and pristine design. Through this project, I wanted to sharpen my skills in designing UI/UX and in designing the branding of a product.

The idea behind the colored gradient borders is to have it cycle and change depending on what you are listening to. Within the app, artists who publish music will have the option of setting color gradients to each of their songs or albums. Then when a listener listens to the song or album in question, the colors of the interface will change in response.
Clean-cut, light and airy, dark and bold. All of these attributes are what I tried to include in the design elements. I wanted to play around with the tension between light and dark. Palettica plays with light pastel gradients while keeping these colors in control with sharp dark grey elements.