Heritage II: Rebirth

​​Heritage II is a video project that takes a look at the three most important stages of life in Asian Culture: Birth, Marriage and Death. The video takes the viewer on a journey into the cultural exploration of the cycle of life. Through various representations and symbols of life in Asian culture, we are thrown into a melting pot of tradition. Whether the viewer is a tourist or homecomer, this video is a visual representation of the come and go of life as well as the value in renewal.

​​These are accompanying visuals that were posted on Instagram as teasers for the release of Heritage II: Rebirth.

​​This poster was made to accompany the video and it is featured side by side with the video in exhibition spaces.

​​Video teasers were made to give a sneak peek of the project. These were posted on Instagram with the image teasers.
​​These are photos from the photoshoot that was done on set. The pictures were used to create the visual teasers.