Heritage I: Homecoming

​​​​Heritage I: Homecoming is the first project of the Heritage video series. The goal of this video was to illustrate a newer generation of Asian culture. I wanted to create contrast between traditional Asian culture and today's younger generation. In the past, Eastern Asian cultures were more exclusive to one's country. Nowadays we see many different Asian cultures coming together and sharing ideas and content. Homecoming is an introductory and fresh look at the culture that I was born in. For this video, I wanted to recreate the feeling of being mesmerized and dumbfounded when travelling and discovering a new culture.

Heritage is an on-going visual series that focuses on the theme of Asian American culture. The project consists of a main video component, 2D visuals and promotional material. In a way, the series is a self-portrait. Heritage reveals the themes and lessons that have been instilled in me as well as many other Asian Americans growing up. With the project, I wanted to visualize the emotions and spirit of these themes.


​​This is the accompanying poster that was released with the video project. The imagery made for this project is meant to give a static glimpse into the feel and look of the video.
​​These are image teasers that were posted on social media in the days leading up to the release of Heritage I: Homecoming.