Focal Points / Points Focaux Exhibition Posters

​​Focal Points / Points Focaux is a year-end student art exhibition held at Concordia University by the Design and Computation Arts department. I had the opportunity to make promotional posters for the event. The poster features themes of focal points, intersections and the crossing point of the two featured programs (Design and Computation Arts).
​​Above are the final posters that were used to promote the exhibition. The posters were put up all around the Concordia University campus and were also featured on digital screens. The idea behind the poster was that there are many focal points and these represented the students who are exhibiting their work. When united, they all form a bigger picture. The concept behind the posters are a result of its previous iterations as featured below.
The concept behind the first iteration of the poster design is to play with the ideas of Focal Points. I decided to have a go at using blurriness and the exhibition’s colors to create nice gradients that would contrast well with the black background. I cut up the shape and off-setted the different parts to put even more emphasis on the idea of trying to focus and blurry vision.
For the second concept, I wanted to dive more into the same train of thought as the first idea. I chose to change the blurry/gradient shape from a rectangle to a circle to represent the focal points. The blurry circles echo the concept of having a camera lens change focus to find its subject in the depth of field. I added the off-setted stripes in the back to have a nice landing place for the circles as well as add emphasis on the idea of camera shutters.
My third iteration is a slight tangent to the previous of its kind. After creating the second iteration, I decided to take a detour and focus more on the concept of depth of field rather than blurriness. On this poster, I have two sets of dotted grids. Each of them have a different gradient. By placing them as such, it creates the illusion of having one set on the forefront and the other in the background. Seeing as the exhibition is the sum of the works of many Concordia students, it made sense conceptually to have many focal points rather than just one or two. Having so many dots represents the idea that all of us students come together to create a whole.

This poster as well as the all of the previous iterations all come together to inspire the final posters.