Wanderer's Interlude

The “Wanderer’s Interlude” project is a series of posters promoting a fictitious exhibition. The catch is that the exhibition in question is actually life itself. The concept for this project is to make people see the beauty in life and look at life as if it was an art exhibition. The poster series comprises of four main posters, each representing one of the four seasons and each having a different style while still staying cohesive when put together.

“Wanderer’s Interlude” is a personal project that allowed me to strengthen my skills in making posters as well as allowed me to play around with design and try new aesthetics and styles.

Kicking off the series, we have a poster that embodies the season of summer. The concept and emotions behind this first poster is to be edgy, bold and incorporate movement. I used bold and dark colors to accentuate the ambiance I was going for and played with off-set as well as images of waves for movement. Although summer is known to be bright and joyous, I wanted to take a darker spin on it. All four posters in this series have an overarching melancholic feeling behind them.
For the second poster, we have a poster relating to the season of fall. For this concept, I wanted to go all-in on the theme of darkness and moodiness seeing as these attributes are typically associated to autumn. The use of color (yellow) is to have small breaks of happiness within all of this darkness. Similar to how colorful fall leaves can brighten our mood despite the cloudy weather.
My third poster represents the season of winter. For this one, I wanted to make something more clean and polished. This echoes the landscape created by snowstorms. In countries where snow is possible, the aftermath of a snowstorm is overwhelming and graceful as everything is covered in white snow. For this poster, I kept imagery and typography elements in a very orderly fashion.
The last poster embodies the season of spring. For this one, I wanted to stray away from the flowery concepts and play with the idea of birth and liveliness. I used a more organic font for the title to give a more lively feel to the poster. The image I used is one of an alley in Taiwan where the sun is shyly peaking in. This represents the sun slowly coming back and bringing life as the seasons change from winter to spring.
In addition to the four final posters, there are many iterations that did not make the cut. Below are notable poster iterations and concepts that I wanted to highlight despite not being in the final four.