The Hub Logo

This project is a logo for The Hub, a space within the Design and Computation Arts department of Concordia University. The Logo was part of a work for a design course. In this course, my team was tasked with the goal of redesigning a space within Concordia University.

The space was meant to be an area for students and faculty to learn, meet and collaborate. As part of the redesign, we each needed to come up with a logo for the space. This logo is my iteration on what the Visual Identity should look like. This work was a great experience in creating branding and working with visual identity. The logo illustrates a unique shape within the room and it explores it in a 3D form. This project allowed me to experiment and deepen my experience on visual identity and creating logos.

​​As part of the pitching process for our logo ideas, I created a visual guide to showcase my logo concept.

Below are all the logo iterations I went through in the process of creating the final logo.